'Friends and Workers' 

A definition

Dr Walter Martin defined a cult as,  'a group of people gathered around somebody's misinterpretation of scripture'. Like counterfeit paintings, there are numerous cults around the world the largest notable one being the catholic 'church'. 

I plan to provide resources exposing the deception of the main cults as well as the lesser well known ones. As I was raised in one of these lesser known cults,  the 'Friends and Workers or 2x2' cult this will be the first one in the series. At present I have release an overview of the this cult, its beliefs and offered Biblical counter arguments. This is a video presentation in three parts  which was recorded in 2008. I am planning to do an updated one with better sound and video quality. 
If you have been raised in this cult and the video series leave you with questions or there is a particular aspect of the cults teachings you would like covered in more detail please do contact me and i will be happy to cover these also.

William Gill, William Irvine, George Walker
'Friends & Workers' cult - Part 1
  • Introduction
  • Origins of the group
  • Different names they are known by
  • Their claim they only they know the true gospel
  • The groups doctrines based on misinterpretations of Jesus words
Early brother and sister 'workers
'Friends & Workers' cult - Part 2
  • Jesus when He sent the disciples out '2 by 2'
  • 'Only the workers can understand the gospel'
  • The groups denial of the Deity of Christ
  • Works based doctrine v's grace
  • Assurance of salvation
annual convention tent
'Friends & Workers' cult - Part 3
  • Group membership
  • 'Church' buildings
  • The gospel as it really is in scripture

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